About our Products and services

LumiQuick's products are for In vitro testing for diagnostic, forensic or research use only.

All products and reagents are warranted until the date of expiration.

Lumiquick Diagnostics presents its products with well designed packaging: Quick Profile™, Quicknostics and QuickStatus.

  •  The standard rapid test package contains 25 test cards or 50 test strips. 
  • The standard ELISA and CLIA kits contain 96 tests. 
  • The standard Real Time PCR Kit contain 96 or 48 tests.

Contract Services

LumiQuick also provide OEM and private label service for its customers. The product can be in fineshed kit or bulk package format.

Well paired materials and reagents for Infectious Diseases, Drugs of Abuse , Cancer Markers and Cardiac Markers test a Reagents and/or Raw Materials can be provided to save your R&D time and cost.

Contract services doe feasibility study, product development and manufacturing are also available

Complete Product List

QuickProfile™ Infectious Disease Rapid Test

Tropical and Hemorrhagic Fever Diseases 

Code         Description                                                                     Test/Kit     

71019      Dengue IgG/IgM Combo   Test Card                             25

71066      Dengue NS1 Antigen   Test Card                                     25

71087      Dengue IgG/IgM &   NS1 Duo Test Card                     25

71028      S. typhi Antigen   Test Card                                                 25

71054      S. typhi / paratyphi   Antigen Test Card                       25

71055      S. typhi IgG/IgM Duo   Test Card                                     25

71055B   S. typhi IgG/IgM   Combo Test Card                              25 

71049      Malaria pf Antigen   Test Card                                           25

71050      Malaria pf/pv   Antigen Test Card                                   25

71053      Malaria pan Antigen   Test Card                                       25

71063      Malaria pf/pan   Antigen Test Card                                25

71017      Rickettsia IgG/IgM   Combo Test Card                        25

71018      Hantavirus IgG/IgM   Combo Test Card                     25

71031      Chikungunya IgG/IgM   Combo Test Card                25

71078      Chagas Antibody Test   Card                                             25

 Respiratory Diseases

 Code         Description                                                                           Test/Kit       

71034       Legionella Pneumonia Urinary   Antigen Test Card


71048       Strep A Test Card                                                                             25

71062      Tuberculosis Antibody Test Card                                            25

71065       Influenza A (Flu A) Test Card                                                    25 

71067Influenza A&B (Flu A&B)   Combo Test Card                          25

Gastro-Intestinal Diseases

Code         Description                                                                                 Test/Kit 

71020      H. pylori Stool   Antigen Test Card                                               25

71024      H. pylori Antibody   Test Card                                                         25

71029      Rotavirus Stool   Antigen Test Card                                            25

71032      Adenovirus Stool   Antigen Test Card                                        25

71033      Adeno/Rota Virus   Stool Antigen Combo Test Card        25


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) 


Code         Description Test/Kit  



HIV I&II Test   Strip




HIV I&II Test   Card




HIV I&II   Tri-line Test Card



Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) 

Code         Description Test/Kit  

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) 

Code         Description Test/Kit  

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Code         Description Test/Kit  

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Code         Description Test/Kit 

QuickProfile™ Drugs of Abuse Rapid Test

Single Test Device

Code         Description Test/Kit 

Multiple Drug Panel Test

Code         Description Test/Kit 

QuickProfile™ Vitamin D

Rapid  Test

Code         Description Test/Kit 


Code         Description Test/Kit