About Us


Who we are

LumiQuick Diagnostics Inc., located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, USA, develops, manufactures and markets high quality point of care tests and other immunoassay kits for the world-wide In vitro diagnostic market. Through years of continuous and diligent efforts, we are proud to offer extensive product lines of rapid tests, ELISA, CLIA and raw materials. These product lines provide the immunoassays in various formats to detect infectious diseases, cardiac markers, cancer markers, drugs of abuse, fertility hormones and other disease markers. Many of the products have been CE marked and registered in different countries.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the high quality products with affordable cost to help people around the world to fight human diseases and illicit substance abuse. We are committed to providing exceptional quality, customer service and flexibility to meet our customer’s need.




LumiQuick's products are for In vitro  testing for diagnostic, forensic or research use only.

All products and reagents are warranted until the date of expiration.

Lumiquick Diagnostics presents its products with well designed packaging: Quick Profile™, Quicknostics® and QuickStatus®.

  • The standard rapid test package contains 25 test cards or 50 test strips. 
  • The standard ELISA and CLIA kits contain 96 tests. 
  • The standard Real Time PCR Kit contains 96 or 48 tests.
  • Customized combinations on panel tests are available.



LumiQuick also provides OEM and private label service for its customers. The product can be in finished kit or bulk package format.

Well paired materials and reagents for Infectious Diseases, Drugs of Abuse , Cancer Markers and Cardiac Markers test a Reagents and/or Raw Materials can be provided to save your R&D time and cost.

Contract services includes feasibility studies; product development and manufacturing are also available.