Ordering Information:



Our customer service is always available to  answer your

inquiries regarding product availability or existing order status.

By phone: +1(408)855-0061 Toll Free USA: 1(888)352-8394

By fax: +1(408)855-0063

By email: info@lumiquick.com

Placing your order

For prompt service, please send your order By email to: purchasing@lumiquick.com

By Fax to: +1 (408)855-0063

Or contact our local distributor sales representative.

For a list of our distributors worldwide, please contact us at: info@lumiquick.com

For your reference, download our 2019 Catalog : CLICK HERE

When you place the order, please include at least the following information:

1.Complete shipping address

2.Complete billing address

3.Purchase order number

4.Correct catalog number, product description and quantity

5.Any special labeling and packaging instructions

6.Shipping instructions

7.Any documentation that must be sent along the cargo (i.e.: certificate of origin, certificate of analysis etc...)  

Logistic Details

All orders are Ex-works from our factories. Freight charges, importation fees and insurance are the responsibility of the customer. 

Once your order is confirmed you will receive a Proforma Invoice with lead time and logistics details so you can contract your own freight forwarder.